London Glassworks is a glassmaking studio specialising in hand-made and bespoke blown glass. The studio is run by master glassmaker Stewart Hearn, a highly respected and award winning craftsman and designer. He has established a professional practice of over twenty years, developed during his experience of working with some of Britain’s best master glassmakers.

In 2002, he co-founded and is now sole owner and Director of London Glassworks. Using an accumulation of specialist knowledge, creative passion and a philosophy that celebrates the value of traditional glassmaking skills in quality products; the company has been successfully operating as a highly skilled glassmaking service to a variety of clients.

London Glassworks is also able to act as a consultant for associated skills, knowledge and individuals pertinent to glass manufacture both as a production and bespoke commissioning service.


A unique range of skills is readily available:

• prototyping and design development for product and interior designers
• creative translation for artists
• job specific sourcing and small batch production tailored for restorers, retailers, manufacturers and engineers
• free blown and mould blown option


Stewart Hearn can be found on the
Crafts Council’s Index of Selected Makers